IMPORTANT: From April 8th, 2022, support for the digital vaccination card will be discontinued. Please switch to the RKI's CovPass (click here for more information).

Digital vaccination certificates for medical practices.

The following service description explains the content of our software for issuing digital vaccination certificates.


The beginning of a wonderful relationship.


Performance at a glance.

Our software for creating forgery-proof and data-protected digital vaccination certificates includes the following processes and functionalities that can be used:

1. Overview of usage.
  • Creation of digital vaccination certificates directly in the vaccination center or in the doctor's office
  • Creation takes less than a minute per vaccinee
  • Data protection is central to the solution
  • Individuals can upload their vaccination certificate in paper form or as a digital version to their health passport on their smartphone
2. Functional sequence.
  • Step 1: The issuing organization (vaccination center, doctor's practice, etc.) generates a digital vaccination certificate
  • Step 2: The vaccinee receives the vaccination certificate in paper form and can download it to their smartphone using a digital app
  • Step 3: The vaccination certificate is now available digitally and can be shared with other people/organizations if necessary
3. Creation of vaccination certificates.
  • Easy to use system for vaccination centers and medical practices
  • Creation of forgery-proof digital vaccination certificates
  • Creation takes less than a minute per vaccinee
  • Data storage in accordance with data protection regulations in certified data centers for German health data
  • Vaccination certificates can be issued digitally on a smartphone or on paper
4. System development.
  • Development of a versatile platform for multiple use cases

  • Can be integrated into existing ecosystems

  • Data-driven configuration based on any number of data sources

  • Data protection is central to the solution

5. Information security.
  • The entire security infrastructure (power supply, air conditioning, fire protection, etc.) was created redundantly for the protection and security of highly sensitive social data

  • The current version of the IT-Grundschutz Catalogs of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is a standard work

  • Comprehensive measures for access control, including: 

    • Structural measures

    • Use of a firewall architecture that

    • Regular security checks by professional hackers

    • Redundant storage of all data in our backup data center

6. Support.

Our call center and our technical staff offer up to 24 hours of support for the permanent and reliable use of the software:

  • Technical support for vaccination centers 24 / 7-365 anytime, all year round
  • Customer support for end users from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Live chat & messenger (also implementation, e.g. in the website of the vaccination center)
  • Email support

Easy to use.

The software for creating digital vaccination certificates can be used by almost any internet-enabled device.
ALIVE-Service GmbH has years of experience in the development of software and services for health insurances in the entire back office area, so we are aware of the importance of easy use and integration between different teams. The integration of the software into the processes of your vaccination center or your doctor's practice is completed in the shortest possible time and ready for use.

Comprehensively certified.

As a modern and ISO-certified company without rigid structures, our competent teams support your entire back office area for future-oriented growth.

We are comprehensively certified for well-organized processes and quality management systems DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

To protect IT and data, aLIVE Supports Information Security Management System (ISMS) is certified according to ISO 27001 been awarded.

Due to constantly growing environmental regulations and increasing demands from customers and authorities, we are sending a strong signal and are also in accordance with the environmental standard ISO 14001 certified, which shows that we value the responsible use of natural resources.