IMPORTANT: From April 8th, 2022, support for the digital vaccination card will be discontinued. Please switch to the RKI's CovPass (click here for more information).

aLIVE Digital Health Pass.


Digital vaccination certificates & Health Pass.

The aLIVE-Service GmbH has developed a data protection compliant platform for the forgery-proof issuing of digital vaccination certificates, together with a digital health pass for mobile devices.

Digital vaccination certificates.

Forgery and data-safe creation of digital vaccination certificates directly in the vaccination center or in the doctor's office in less than a minute.

Digital health passport.

With the help of the digital app, individuals can control their data and share only the most necessary data via QR code, e.g. for access to events or for travel.

Digital communication.

Network, experience and technology are three components of digital communication, which is taken over by our partner Bayerische TelemedAllianz.
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How does it work?

Privacy. Security. Portability.

Step 1:
The issuing organization (vaccination center, doctor's practice, etc.) generates a digital vaccination certificate
Step 2:
The vaccinee receives the vaccination certificate in paper form and can download it to their smartphone using a digital app
Step 3:
The vaccination certificate is now available digitally and can be shared with other people/organizations if necessary